For the Birds

We make sure that there are adequate resources for all type of birds to construct nests in natural environments to promote breeding. We also construct some artificial nests as lures. We have dedicated feeding times when we set out fruit and seeds for the birds that have established homes close by. And a cage with some common birds to lure the wildlife.

For Nature

We are creating a safe haven for all wild animals. As the local wildlife has been disappearing slowly over time. Birds being our first priority doesn't mean it's all we do, it's just the first step in a larger plan we have of creating a natural environment for all animals to live in peace. We don’t have cages with exotic animals as that will chase away Indigenous wildlife. We lure the last remaining local wildlife and give them a fighting chance with food, water and ample breading ground.

For the Groups

We have a marque tent close to all other facilities that can house 60 people and has power for things like projectors and sound. Events like year end functions, birthday parties and meetings are simple and unique with a nature theme. Sound engineer, photographer, videographer, catering are all optional with a army of partner companies willing and able to assist on any event.

For the People

Overnight Cabin – We work in conjunction with profesional booking sites. Please visit them from our about page to book a cabin.
Event Venue – We do bookings over email as there are a lot of info needed in regards to an event.
Day Visitor – No need to book in advance, we are open to the public every day.
Photographer– Request a Quote from our about page for any type of shoot.


We received a delivery . . .

The Impala arrived.
We bought some impala to encourage the local wildlife.
Lets hope they can improve the eco system.

For the Naturist

Dedicated to Bird watching the Hide hosts a variety of birds, all you have to do is sit quietly in our hide and look around. You may also walk on the trails throughout the brush and test your reflexes for action photography. As there are no fencing you will see every type of animal that makes its way past the hide. Even nocturnal birds and animals come out to play at the hide. Though the hide is closed at night for day visitors if you book into a cabin you are encouraged to spend time in the hide at night.

Soliter Bird Hide is an Afristay Valued Member.